Ofsted Inspection - posted 30th Oct

Ofsted inspectors will be visiting NeneGate School on Tuesday 31st October and Wednesday 1st November. Parents and carers are invited to complete the online questionnaire and may be contacted during the visit.

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Tudor Morning - posted 8th Jun

Yesterday, the school celebrated the end of our Tudors creative curriculum theme by playing Tudor games, trying some archery, bobbing for apples and grooming Nelson the horse. We also had a Tudor banquet in the dining room and tried some authentic Tudor bread, which was made by the students, and venison.

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Paintballing - posted 1st Jun

The school ventured out on their first paintballing experience. This was half a day for students who had shown positive behaviour around the school. All the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and came back to school with some amazing stories as well as some big bruises.

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fitness suite

Fitness Suite - posted 15th May

Over the Easter holiday, Mr Neesham and Mr Langstone built NeneGate's first fitness suite. It was a big project, taking 5 days to complete. This is a really good opportunity for both students and staff to develop their knowledge as well as their fitness. It has been a huge success which will grow stronger in time. 

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