Academic Intervention Programmes

A selection of intervention programmes are delivered at NeneGate. These include phonics, literacy, numeracy, Dyslexia, fine motor skills and handwriting.

Students are placed on intervention programmes based on evidence sourced from:

  • Baseline assessments, these are completed during the initial transition of the student into NeneGate

  • Information from previous educational providers

  • Recommendations in the student’s Education  Health  Care  Plan (EHCP)

  • Observations/concerns of NeneGate staff who have noticed barriers to learning during time-tabled lessons

  • Below expected progress from Pupil Progress Data which is collected termly


The impact of intervention programmes is constantly measured and the progress made by the student is monitored through termly reading, spelling and numeracy assessments. Pupil Progress data and the attitude of the student regarding engagement in lessons is analysed to identify whether the intervention is still required.