DT - Food

KS4 Food Technology

Students have a planned cookery lesson weekly. In this lesson they prepare and cook nutritional meals. This provides basic cooking skills to support them in gaining an understanding of working to a budget, cooking within a short space of time and combining ingredients to make suitable meals - a great set up for live when they leave home! GCSE Food is also an option choice in KS4

KS3 Food Technology

In the food lessons the students learn to explore the main reasons why the body needs food and what materials found in food help us to build and repair the body. This subject helps us develop cooking skills by following recipes that can be adapted to cater for specific audiences. The students learn where food originates from and the different foods that make different dishes. They adapt recipes to look at healthier eating options and also look at the costs associated with foods, especially seasonal produce. Students are assessed 4 times a year in this subject.


S - The process of creative thinking and innovation inspires students to bring out undiscovered talents, which in turn breeds a self-confidence and belief in their abilities. It also challenges and appeals to the creative instincts that have driven humanity to discover, adapt and overcome.

M - Focus upon the moral dilemmas raised in designing and making new products. Understand the wider impacts on the environment when designing and making new products and expect them to consider carefully the materials & components they will use when designing and making.

S - Accept responsibility for their behaviour and the safety of others. Encourage collective expectation. Establish and maintain a safe, secure, learning environment .  Develop the ability to work with other and to accept each other’s unique personality. Encourage effective conversations about the work through self & peer evaluation, and to give and accept constructive criticism.

C - Projects that have a connection with our past heritage and how our industrial routes have shaped our nation.