At Nenegate music students are provided with a welcoming, safe environment where learning is inspirational and fun.
Students are encouraged and given the opportunity to learn to play a host of instruments. They will not be tied to a particular instrument unless it is their own choice to specialise.

We follow National Curriculum guidelines for GCSE music and customize the teaching and learning to cater for our students as effectively as possible.

Training for official University backed grade exams is also available on several instruments.
All areas of practical and theoretical musical learning are covered in modern lessons that are designed to inspire and enrich the learning experience of students at all levels of ability.

We encourage manners, courtesy and gentlemanly conduct.

Playing live to any audience, for most people, takes huge amounts of courage but the rewards in self esteem are massive.

By working together and learning how to share in jam and band situations, musical and teamwork skills are developed and put to use in play and later in working lives. Music is also a great therapy for channelling emotions and unloading stress.

Experts say;

  • “Learning to play an instrument brings about dramatic brain changes that not only improve musical skills but can also spill into other areas of
  • learning ” (
  • “Playing an instrument improves language and speech” (, Northwestern University, USA).
  • “Music improves our ability to channel emotions” (, Northwestern University, USA).