Outdoor Learning

As part of the bespoke NeneGate curriculum, outdoor learning is offered to all of KS3 students. Students have access to 2 lessons of high quality learning per week. Through the subject pupils have the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills as well as proving themselves to work effectively as a team.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Horticulture
  • Mountain Biking
  • Sports Leadership
  • Construction
  • Community work
  • Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • Team building activities


We have created a superb garden area in the school grounds at NeneGate. During lessons in Horticulture students will learn about the cultivation and development of crops. The scheme of work contains units on planting and maintaining a garden and knowledge of fruit and vegetable production will be gained. The curriculum teaches the students about plant propagation and the ability to identify plants.
Students will have the opportunity to make use of our excellent facilities which include a tunnel house and a wide range of tools and related resources.

Mountain Biking

We have our own high standard, mountain bike fleet which are stored in our workshop. Several staff hold the qualification of MBL1 (Mountain bike leadership – non technical terrain) and other staff are competent to assist.  Students have the opportunity to learn basic and advanced skills in mountain biking and learn how to ride safely on roads, how to map read and plan routes, navigate safely through forests and different terrains and how to check and maintain the bikes.

Sports Leadership

Pupils learn all the necessary skills to lead small groups in a sporting activity. Through the scheme of work pupils have the opportunity to develop their confidence in delivering sessions as well as subject knowledge around the different sporting activities. Furthermore, pupils have the skills to perform risk assessments ensuring their sessions are safe. At the end of the unit pupils have the opportunity to deliver a full session including a warm up, skill focus, progression, conditioned game and a cool down.