Years 5/6


We focus on the four operations, ensuring the children can use written methods to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We then apply these skills to worded problems, solving increasingly complex problems. We hone the children’s mental maths skills ensuring they can use a range of strategies to achieve both speed and accuracy in their problem solving.


There is a lot to learn and develop in Literacy including grammar, punctuation and spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension as well as, of course, writing. We use a variety of reading books as a source of inspiration, focussing on the book as a group, and when available, using clips from the DVD to help us support our imaginations. We develop ways of writing in different genres and for different audiences. Each child is encouraged to learn new spellings whilst taking ownership of their individual progression. We believe every child can achieve with encouragement and support.


Our Topic lessons include both Geography and History, but also incorporate RE when appropriate. We take a look at River Systems, Tudors, Victorians (including WW1 and the effects on both humans and animals), all about ourselves and where we live compared to another place in the world. Ancient Greeks, Sustainable Communities, Maps and Scales (including walking and orienteering), Christianity and other religions.


Our lessons in Personal, Social and Health education cover respecting ourselves and others, confidence, Health and Safety, our environment, bullying from the internet to face to face. We try to develop a sense of empathy towards ourselves, others and our environment.


Our Art lessons are generally linked to the class topic. We have made WW1 helmets considering the structure of both British and German helmets, plus the patterns used and why. Plague masks, the use for them as well as the decoration. Various artists in time and the effects their work has on future designs. We also work in clay, mosaics, and create items for the children to take home for special events such as Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.


Safety is paramount so the children are taught how to use the internet safely and consider the information before them. We look at ways to create animated texts that move and change in different ways on screen, plus comic books, inserting our own images and text. We use the BBC programme to improve our touch typing skills. ICT technology is used to support the curriculum across the whole school.