Meet the Staff

Senior Staff

Mrs Ruth O'Sullivan
Head Teacher
Miss J Wye
Deputy Headteacher

I'm Miss Wye, I teach Food technology. In my spare time I am a spinning instructor.

Mrs S Parsons

Hello. I’m Miss Parsons. I teach Multimedia, Citizenship and English. I also look after the alternative curriculum including work experience! I have 4 dogs and so in my spare time I am mostly looking after them!


Miss C Ogden

Hi, I'm Miss Ogden and I teach Science. I am usually found making a fool of myself whilst joining in activities. I've only had to go to the hospital once
At the weekends I like to watch movies. Watch out kids, I'm learning to drive!

Mrs T Scutt

I'm Mrs Scutt and I teach English to all years except year 11. I am also the form tutor for year 6/7 and teach a majority of their lessons.  At the weekends I like to ride horses, often competing at a low standard, and reading books.  My favourite food is Italian (in case you want to want to buy me gift vouchers) and I love travelling. 

Mr M Neesham

I'm Mr Neesham and I teach PE, Sports Leaders and Outdoor Learning. My main roles at NeneGate are teacher, tutor, AFA champion and I have the responsibility for the whole school data.  I am from Middlesbrough so if you can’t understand what I am saying there are plenty of staff that will translate. 

Mr J Blundell

I am Mr Blundell and I teach a range of subjects including English, Creative D&T, Outdoor Learning and life skills through 'The Princes Trust XL program'. I enjoy travelling (and have visited many countries), football - Up The Posh - cooking and snowboarding.

Mr A Dawson


Miss A Bailey
Cover Supervisor
Miss J Love
Behaviour Mentor

I'm Miss Love, I have worked at NeneGate for nearly 8 years and am the school safeguarding officer as well as teaching social skills to KS2 and KS3. In my leisure time I enjoy walking and visiting new towns and cities (finding a lovely coffee and cake shops along the way).

Miss V Martin
Family Support

I'm Val Martin I am a HLTA working with the year 5/6 part time. I also am the Family Support Worker arranging coffee afternoons fundraising events and also home visits.

Miss S Roberts
Academic Interventions

I'm Miss Roberts, I teach academic interventions across the school as well as horticulture. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoor life and keep an assortment of animals including chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Mr S Parker-Burns

I’m Mr. P-B and I teach music. I have been teaching guitar since 2003 and music in general since 2010. I started performing in bands in about 1991 and have enjoyed working in the recording studio as well as live touring in England and Germany. Music has enhanced my life and I enjoy helping others let music into theirs too.

Mr J Leeman

I'm Mr Leeman, a teacher of mathematics.  In my spare time I enjoying watching Scunthorpe United, taking my dog for a walk and eating cake. 

Teaching Assistants

Miss M Enfield
Mr T Mytton
Mr J Dooley

I'm Mr Dooley and I work with the year 9 class. I hold a season ticket for Peterborough UTD and travel home and away.

Mrs M Studholme-Dooley

Hello, I'm Mrs Studholme-Dooley. I currently work with year 11.

Mr K Macdonald
Mrs A Smith
Mr G Clarke

Admin & Site Staff

Miss S Ravalia
Office Manager
Mrs T Martin
Finance Manager
Mr M Langstone