Our Vision and Purpose

At NeneGate School we are dedicated to creating positive, appropriate learning experiences and opportunities for all. Our students feel valued and are challenged to develop to their full potential. It is a holistic environment where individual needs are supported towards a successful future.

Our Learners Will:

  • Experience teaching of high quality to maximise development.
  • Develop empathy
  • Be equipped to express themselves confidently.
  • Be independent and inspired to engage in their learning.
  • Respond positively to challenges in an environment of respect and trust.
  • Value others, work co-operatively, respect diversity and be honest and trustworthy citizens.

NeneGate School is;

  • Flexible, and responds to the needs of our diverse and developing society.
  • An inclusive, accessible, stimulating and well resourced environment offering appropriate opportunities for all.
  • A place that recognises and values the local community.
  • Committed to the needs of the multi-cultural community.