At NeneGate School we recognise that pupils have been referred here because they have not been able to manage their behaviour and emotions in their previous schools. It is our aim to support your child to be able to do this by

  • Providing a curriculum which is accessible to each individual.
  • Recognise that some pupils have additional levels of need which have previously been a barrier to their learning.
  • Supplementing staff training to meet these additional learning needs.
  • Establishing a positive relationship with all pupils.
  • Ensuring that they can feel positive about themselves and their achievements.
  • Addressing emotional difficulties through providing access to our interventions co-ordinator.
  • Providing structure and clarity about the pupils’ responsibilities as learners and citizens.

All staff in our school are trained in positive handling and operate the Team Teach approach to support pupils to manage their behaviour. The aim at all times is to support every pupil in the management of their behaviour so that they are able to access the curriculum and learn. Parents will of course be informed if their child has had to be positively held during any school day.

The school also has access to the services of an Educational Psychologist. This work includes;

  • Meeting with parents
  • Input into annual reviews
  • Individual pupil assessment and reporting.
  • Consultation with staff about a range of concerns.
  • Staff training
  • Liaison with Health Professionals
  • Inclusion and re-integration
  • Liaison with the SENCO at the school