Vision & Ethos KS2/3

At NeneGate School we are dedicated to creating positive, appropriate learning experiences and opportunities for all. Our students feel valued and are challenged to develop to their full potential. It is a holistic environment where individual needs are supported towards a successful future.

Our aim is to provide high quality education and care for students that require SEMH provision. We are committed to building resilience, increasing self-belief and raising self-esteem. We will work in partnerships that are built on trust and respect.

Our students will experience high quality teaching and learning experiences both in and outside the classroom. They will learn to understand their own emotions and those of others. Diversity will be recognised and celebrated. Students will express themselves with confidence and pride.

We aim to return young people to a mainstream setting where possible. This will be either fulltime or to access parts of the curriculum that will make up their individualised programme. All students will be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential

Our School Ethos

Ambition for our Future.
Being in the Know.
Feeling we Belong.
Having a Sense of Worth.

Our School Rule

Work together to respect yourself, others and the environment!