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To all the staff thanks for all the hard work and patience you have put into T. I never thought he would be where he is now. A big thank you.

V (T’s mum)


To all staff,

Thank you all for all your hard work, determination and commitment you have displayed in keeping C on the right track and I know it was hard but you have all done really well, we do appreciate, thank you.

S (C’s mum)


To all staff,

It’s always a pleasure to come into school. Everyone is so supportive. It’s always good to learn something new and today we learned CPR. Thanks millions,



To all staff,

Thanks for helping me it was nice to come see you.

From B


Sports day was a lot of fun seeing all the teachers and pupils running and it was great to be there too.



Great day, looking forward to the rest.

Well done to all, H L


Fantastic day watching the competitors. Most enjoyable.

N, A’s nanny


Had a fab time watching my little brother race.

M L A’s big sister.


Lovely day for all the family, thanks to all,



We really enjoyed the afternoon. Another good show by NeneGate. The rapper was especially good.

G and H N


I enjoyed this afternoon it will be good to have this once or twice a year, lovely!


Thank you ever so much for inviting me down and allowing me to witness first-hand the care and passion you all have in working with young people. Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see everyone in April. Best regards,



I would just like to say a big thank you. It’s a great school and my son has improved so much.

H and C.


It was nice to see how we can help with maths at home.

Mr and Mrs W


Maths! Ahhhh!! Ha ha – only joking, loved it.



Really enjoyed this morning. Good to see J well settled.

J’s auntie